How to take charge of my life and transform my world from within

In this lecture series, the speakers will share experiences and strategies for conscious self-improvement that empowers inner transformation.

Turning battles into opportunities

Presented January 28, 2023

Our guest speaker, Lara Aguiar, shared experiences and techniques for conscious self-betterment based on her study of Logosophy, which helped her turn hard times into new opportunities.

Past Recorded Events

Logosophy: Transforming life through self-knowledge

Oct 15, 2022, 7pm CDT, Houston, TX

person reading

Members of the Logosophical Foundation presented a free public lecture, Logosophy: transforming life through self-knowledge, on October 15, 2022, as part of the XIV National Conference of Students of Logosophy in the United States and Canada to held in Houston, TX during the same weekend.

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In this special series of workshops, parents shared their experiences on how to educate children for life, help them do things with joy, and learn from them to become better parents.

In this special series of lectures, professionals from different areas talked about their experiences on how logosophical knowledge has enabled them to improve their own lives and relationships with respect to the challenges and adaptations of their professional field.