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The real meaning of life
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González Pecotche: The Humanist

Deficiencies and Propensities

Celia Rocha shares her view of Logosophy as both a science and a culture: a science because it enables one to become an investigator of


Thoughts – How it works

Nelson Belen and Myriam Gewerc talk about how our mind and thoughts work according to Logosophy.


Psychological Deficiencies

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Exploring Within Oneself

Imagine an adventurer who proposed to travel to a distant country, without any technological resources, alone and without knowing any language other than his own.

What is Logosophy?

Logosophy is the science of the present and the future because it embodies a new and unsurpassable form of conceiving life, of thinking, and of feeling, which is so necessary in our day and age in order to raise the human spirit well above the reigning material world of today.

For the good researcher who seeks not only the knowledge, but, at the same time, also the way in which to carry out his self-improvement, every new insight is a new supply of resources, which will lead him to the improvement of his own individual aptitudes.

Excerpt from the book Logosophy Science and Method, page 96

[Starting out from the proposed exercise,]…the logosophical method will guide the student to a more thorough knowledge of his mind, considered in the entirety of its complex operation. This is the principle of self-knowledge. But it will be necessary to pursue another supremely important aspect of this investigation: the knowledge of the psychological
deficiencies which obstruct or hinder with their presence the process of conscious evolution.

Excerpt from the book Logosophy Science and Method, page 106

A conscious life requires a daily, uninterrupted practice, as recommended by the logosophical
precepts. Its main rule – as already mentioned – is the attention we need to bestow on an effective behavior that will enable a conscious attitude that will not cease at any time.

Excerpt from the book Initiation Course Into Logosophy, paragraph 54, page 34

The knowledge of one’s spirit demands above all seriousness, serene meditations, continuous and thorough analysis of its fleeting interventions and constant attention to the need to surprise it when it uses our faculties. Concrete examples of its brief
interventions are present every time we see emerging in our mind valuable thoughts whose contribution was unexpected, or when brilliant ideas that amaze our own judgment surge as a result of the act of thinking.

Excerpt from the book The Spirit, page 14

God placed the mind at the highest level of the human figure; with it as the managing and regulatory center of all his activities, man can elaborate his most delicate investigations by analyzing, calculating and selecting, in exhaustive and conscious studies or meditations, all that which he observes.
The person who does not observe anything, not even the simplest thing that could generate a minor mental concern, ends up nullifying his mind, which is equivalent to sealing the doors of his intelligence to any aspiration proper to his race.

Excerpt from the book An Introduction to Logosophical Cognition, page 17

Logosophy has maintained, and still does, that all processes of social betterment will inevitably fail if the problem of the individual is not envisioned first, that is, if the individual’s formation is not based on an inner discipline capable of educating him psychologically. By doing so, he may lend his service to society without being absorbed by it, and thus avoid the annihilation of his independence of judgment which is reflected in his moral and spiritual freedom

Excerpt from the book Initiation Course Into Logosophy, paragraph 158, page 89

The administration of time is a preponderant factor in life. Time has to be earned like the daily bread, and it is earned by living consciously. Living consciously means to maintain a permanent attention to everything that is done. To dominate time, ensuring that it is fertile or productive is to have conquered one of the keys to evolution.

Excerpt from the book Logosophical Exegesis, page 102

The student of Logosophy starts by organizing his life, putting as a first step order in his mind. There can be no order where discipline is not present. Hence the need for a rigorous selection of the thoughts that frequent the mind or that the individual has become fond of.

Excerpt from the book An Introduction to Logosophical Cognition, page 38



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