The Logosophical Schools

While the Logosophical Foundation is an institution dedicated to the investigation and diffusion of Logosophy, it has also decided to create primary and secondary schools to extend the logosophical pedagogy to the education and development of minors. The Logosophical Education System currently includes Logosophical Schools in Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay.

The Logosophical Schools foster an environment of affection and respect, cultivating essential values in the students’ lives, in close collaboration with their families. The Schools are based on two pillars: teaching the curricular disciplines (defined by the legislation in each country or city) and the pedagogical work in the formation of the students for their lives, based on the logosophical conceptions.


To offer, through the Logosophical Pedagogy, a support and knowledge to childhood and youth, that promotes the full development of their physical, mental, moral, and spiritual aptitudes, creating foundations for a new humanity, more conscious of their responsibility for their own life, their society, and the world.

Logosophical Pedagogy

The Logosophical Pedagogy, which is based on Logosophy, aims at the student’s biopshycospiritual formation, promoting the natural development of his/her conscious life. Based on the psychodynamic method created by Logosophy, it offers the fulfillment of the two goals of the human existence: to evolve consciously and to establish oneself as a humanity servant.