The Institution

The Logosophical Foundation is an institution created to make the Logosophical objectives possible. It is a privately-owned non-profit institution without political or religious aspirations or affiliations. Its Cultural Centers offer an experimental environment that is highly favorable to the study and practice of this new field of knowledge. The logosophical method recommends—as a complement to the individual study and practice—the study in groups, where it is possible to have an invigorated, inspired and constructive exchange of points of view, and the experimental results of their application.

In an environment of affection and respect, people of all ages confirm the benefits of the logosophical teachings and develop a new humanism, capable of renewing the confidence in a better future. By way of an exchange of different points of view among students, each one obtains the portion needed to complete their own studies and, consequently, overcome any difficulties in the comprehension of the thoughts that flow from studying the logosophical teaching.

One can then understand that the input of other students of this science also allows for a better observation and examination of the progress made by each one individually. In addition to supporting the appreciation of one’s own merits, this acts as a stimulus to the student.

It is precisely in the Cultural Centers of the Logosophical Foundation where the attendees find a unique atmosphere and a harmonious environment that allows an improved understanding of the logosophical concepts. Moreover, it is also an experimental field for one’s own development. The preparedness of the more experienced students is a great plus in mentoring the new Logosophy students.

As the teachings are better understood through individual practice, they become more effective, and due to the interchange of ideas and teamwork, one’s behavior evolves as a result of these teachings. In addition, one’s behavior becomes more self-assured, due to this internal work and also those who spontaneously help the ones that are committed to improving their performance and conduct.

Additional information


To offer, through the Logosophical Pedagogy, a support and knowledge to childhood and youth, that promotes the full development of their physical, mental, moral, and spiritual aptitudes, creating foundations for a new humanity, more conscious of their responsibility for their own life, their society, and the world.

Logosophical Pedagogy

The Logosophical Pedagogy, which is based on Logosophy, aims at the student’s biopshycospiritual formation, promoting the natural development of his/her conscious life. Based on the psychodynamic method created by Logosophy, it offers the fulfillment of the two goals of the human existence: to evolve consciously and to establish oneself as a humanity servant.

The logosophical method in the educational action

“These are some of the key aspects of the logosophical method in the educational action: The educator’s achievement of the conscious evolution established by Logosophy, becoming then an example of what they teach. The sensitive link between the teacher and the student through the cultivation of affection, the stabilizing principle of human relations. The establishment of an environment where moral and ethical qualities such as respect, happiness, discipline, tolerance, sincere help, stimulus and freedom to learn, the desire to be better, and the constant practice of good. The provision of natural and positive stimuli, which are essential for the formation of character. The joint and integrated action of home and school as the main educational institutions.”