What is Logosophy?

Logosophy is an original science that offers human beings a unique opportunity: to consciously accomplish a process of evolution of their qualities through knowledge and from within oneself.

Its name joins in one word the Greek roots “logos” (meaning “creator” or the manifestation of supreme knowledge) and “sofia” (meaning an original science or supreme wisdom). The author adopted it to designate a new line of knowledge, a set of principles, a method, and a technique that are distinctly its own.

Through a process of self-improvement named the Process of Conscious Evolution, Logosophy offers the know-how and experimental method that enables the individual to attain, gradually and consciously, the answers to questions concerning knowledge and improvement that have always encouraged the human spirit. At the same time, it leads to the knowledge of oneself, enabling the understanding of the secrets of one’s own psychological, mental, and spiritual life.

By way of the conscious formation of one’s own individuality, Logosophy contributes to the development of a more responsible and lucid humanity, capable of shaping a superior destiny in correspondence to the prominent hierarchy of its species.

Logosophy is the science of the present and the future because it embodies a new way of conceiving life, of thinking, and of feeling, so necessary in order to lift the human spirit well above the prevailing materiality.

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