Fundamental Qualities to Prosper in the Workplace

In this special series of lectures, professionals from different areas talked about their experiences on how logosophical knowledge has enabled them to improve their own lives and relationships with respect to the challenges and adaptations of their professional field.

Fundamental Knowledge to Take Control of Your Mind

Presented May 8th, 2021

How to be in control over the situations around me? Am I resilient to the adverse situations that life presents us with? The objective of this lecture is to bring experiences and reflections, supported by the Logosophical Concepts, to enable a more conscious and happy life, starting by understanding the reality of the mind and the thoughts and how to manage them in my daily situations.

The Power to Face Changes Successfully

Presented May 15th, 2021

More than ever, we have seen several changes taking place in our lives, making it necessary to seek new knowledge to accept these transformations and extract elements of learning. How does facing new changes and expanding my adaptability to different situations bring me a new power? How can I be an active element of change and not just be moved by the force of the circumstances around me?

Mastering High Ethical Standards in the Workplace

Presented May 22th, 2021

Ethics at work has been in the spotlight for years, and big companies have invested a lot in their ethics programs, raising the bar for work ethics everywhere. What can we do to achieve even higher standards? In this talk, we explore ethics as the result of inner needs instead of external impositions.

Essential Values for Balancing Professional and Personal Life

Presented May 29th, 2021

How am I living my life? Do I live to work or work to live? Is it possible to find a balance between my professional and personal life? How can I find pleasure and joy in everything I do?