What else can a book do?

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Since I was little, I have a huge appreciation for reading! I remember the books that my public school teachers offered me during vacation. I remember the spines, the titles and the authors, the stories and the enormous enchantment that I experienced. But it was not always so…

As I was one of the quietest students in class, I didn’t complain about being given the bulkiest books to read, but I thought it was incomprehensible or unfair. What I could not perceive then was the docent nature of my teacher’s actions, who, with wisdom, introduced me more and more into the magical universe of literature, which became important in the times that followed.

In my teens, books remained present. They were my friends and part of my family. My introspective mode helped me immerse myself in those stories, and I often admired the ability of some authors to skillfully present fragments of the human soul, translating my internal reality, which was so difficult to explain precisely. How I would like if other people delighted in them too!

Today, at a mature age, I am conscious of the great love I nurtured for books. They left a legacy imprinted on my soul and contributed to my upbringing. Some fed my imagination in an exaggerated manner, favoring the natural distractions of adolescence. Others introduced me to the beauty of human ability, showing me intelligence in various fields of knowledge. I can say that all the books, each in its own measure, contributed to my upbringing.

But I can affirm that books have done more, they have kept one of the most important flames burning in me, perhaps a vital one: inquietude.

Inquietude is what makes me always want to learn, seek true cognitions. It is the flame that preserves me from the traps of life. It is the one that energizes my spirit in the search for knowledge and gives me confidence, in myself and in others. It is the flame that led me to a special school, the Logosophical Foundation, where, through the study and application of the science it diffuses – Logosophy, I was able to attend to the most intimate and dearest interests of my spirit.

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